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How to Build No-Risk Scalable Remote Teams for Half the Price

June 9th | 20:00 EEST | Show in my timezone

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Max Uperiaka

Let's Growth Hack your Recruiting

The Hiring Secrets behind Github, Slack, Whatsapp...

They're keeping something quiet 🤫but we're not. How are Valley startups blitzing through functionality and features? Spoiler alert, it isn't hiring locally.

Master Remote Talent Sourcing on Autopilot

Spending 20%+ of your Brain Cycles on the Talent Hunt? Don't know who to Trust? Have the Best Candidates come to you. It's really that easy.

Cutting-Edge Tools, left behind are only the Fools

Windows Vista level tools and processes aren't quite cutting it. Learn how to leverage the forefront of collaborative technology to build fast-moving high-impact teams.

Save $20k+ a Month while Avoiding Bad Hires

How are killer SaaS and startups beating others? What would you do if overnight you had double the budget to spend?

Don't be a First-World Superiority Complex loser

The Winners are diversifying their teams.

The cat is out of the bag, the rest of the world are good at things too. Surprise, surprise.

FREE step-by-step guide to creating your A-Team

Oh, and we're also throw in our Remote Guide to Hiring eBook, for free, with tools, tricks and talent scorecards to ensure your Hiring success.


Shadi Paterson, Scaling Teams🏝

Shad, AKA the guy who once took down Upwork, has spent the last 5 years working on over 200 remote-based projects, through every platform and industry imaginable. Building his own scalable and flexible remote teams, from scratch, over and over again.

Shad now runs Make it in Ukraine, a service connecting the intrepid entrepreneurs, product owners and talent managers of the world with the unbelievably good 'hidden gems' of Ukraine.

June 9th
20:00 EEST